At Skin Solutions & Wellness, our approach to healthy skin is a harmony of…

* Non-invasive, innovative, individually customized professional skin treatments that deliver results.

* Use of the most active, effective  botanical and cosmeceutical home care products that are free of harmful chemicals and irritating ingredients.

* Careful assessment and consideration of your genetic  skin type, health and skin history to ensure safe, effective treatments

* Encouraging healthy nutrition, lifestyle and environment, to promote skin health and overall wellness

* Emphasis on nurturing  mind, body and spirit 

* Professional, highly skilled and educated staff that are client focused and genuinely caring.  

* A shared passion for skin care and a holistic approach to wellness.

“I believe that a harmony of these key elements is necessary in order to truly achieve healthy, radiant skin and wellness.  This holistic approach is my mantra and philosophy”  -  Sheri Hoffman, Owner, Aesthetician, RN

Experience the powerful benefits and results of this holistic approach for your skin!

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